Holy Spirit’s “hug”

This has happened many times to me over recent years, but I want to write about it briefly.

Sitting on my bed using social media and reading wonderful things about honoring the Lord’s Feasts, I replied to one of them and ended it by saying, “with all my heart, I love the Lord.” Well… I reread that and, suddenly, could not contain myself for tears – I mean gushing, overcoming tears. I realized I was literally being embraced by Holy Spirit as He returned God’s love to me.

Now, God’s flow of love never really ceases to me or to anyone, but its manifestations vary in strength and intensity commensurate to OUR awareness of His Spirit’s constancy. In other words, I was mercifully plugged in to His all-consuming presence at that moment, so I got to share in the fire that God sheds abroad in our hearts at a level greatly increased from other moments.  Holy Spirit was giving me a hug, and I could barely contain myself for many minutes. Tissues at the ready, I thanked and praised God and loved on Him the way I know He wanted – the way we all should – just sincerely and humbly and gratefully, from the depths of my heart.

Oh, how I love Him!  Amen.

Shamma 🙂


Prayer of/for Salvation

Merciful Father,

I do confess that I am a sinner, and I desperately need a Savior.

Lord Jesus, I BELIEVE that YOU alone died to save my soul from sin, and I accept Your sacrifice of shed blood through God’s redemptive plan as the only way for my sins to be forgiven and me to be saved.

I confess that Jesus the Christ is Lord, and I BELIEVE IN MY HEART that God raised Him from the dead. I ask You, Holy Father God, to please forgive my sins, come into my heart and life to live, rule, and reign there as my Lord, Savior, and Master forever. I want to be YOUR child and YOURS only.

In the Wonderful and Powerful Name of Jesus the Christ of Nazareth Who came in the flesh I pray and declare that from this day forward, I AM SAVED.



If you prayed that prayer and meant it, you are HIS forever.

God bless you, and welcome to the Family of Christ!

A Nice One

“Serenity” © 2017 SJ Palmer

I got so carried away with a personal distraction yesterday that I didn’t give proper attention to the truth that my painting has really improved. This work is called, “Serenity”… named so by my husband.  I probably would have called it Birch Meadow or something like that but, either way, I’m pleased with it and want it to have its props.

Oh, yeah… I’m definitely just a hobbyist painter – nothing even amateur level about my work – but I was once a not-so-good hobbyist, and now I believe I’m a good one. Not fishing, just stating truth IMO. Half of that status is having fun, right? In that case, I’ve definitely arrived! 🙂

Practice pays off when it meets God’s mercy and kind impartations. No more stick figures for me, folks… I’ve finally learned to paint AND enjoy it.

This is a nice one! 🙂