Whatcha gonna do today?

I find waking up with Godly expectation everywhere within me to be a blast.  Writing makes me excited that way… and the thought of writing does, too.  Who was that woman who said, “I hate writing but love having written” ?  BOLDERDASH!!


Aren’t you?  I know there are people out there who know what I’m talking about just because they rely on the Lord to fund and fuel their ideas… see, that’s the secret – let GOD do it! His Fount NEVER runs dry.  My awesome expectation and delight doesn’t come from ME per se as source… I’m not the source of anything except my own trouble (yeah, I’m pretty skilled at that); THE LORD is the Source – the Eternal Source – of all things good and perfect for my soul, including my ideas and abilities in writing.  He’s the One Who trained me over all these years; He opened doors for me and placed me in the venues that afforded the most opportunity to – as muckity-muck writers say – “hone my craft”.

God taught me to write, y’all – and HE enables me to express myself the way I want… the way I’ve longed to all of my life.  I really do truly feel that way about Him… and I’m grateful.  My goodness, “grateful”? That’s SUCH an understatement, it’s almost insulting!

Transcription – another ministry

For about two years now I’ve been working for an overseas company doing online transcription, which I enjoy.  That’s really how God broke through the heavenlies with my work and heart in Him going forth to the nations.  As a matter of fact, I’ve got a current assignment from them due tomorrow which, Lord willing, I’ll have to get started on after I close this post.

My trainer is a Christian… Shannon Hunter is her name.  Can you believe that?  Look how God worked it! The trainer… the one who trained me is a Christian, and she is a sweetheart, too. Absolutely a doll – a REALLY REALLY REALLY hardworking doll replete with family problems and issues of her own, like anybody in or outside the family of Christ.

Whenever I hear the Darlene Zschech song, “All Over the World” I think of Shannon.   “All over the world people just like us are calling on JESUS!”  Heyyyy, HALLELUJAH! Amen.  So endearing to think of it that way… “every kindred, every tongue, every nation” just like God’s word says.  Glory to His Name.

For somebody who loves the English language and its use, in general, as I do transcription has been a very keen way to keep those skills cutting edge – the company is quite particular about that. (I’m not mentioning their name here on purpose, but they’re out of South Africa!) So, as always, the Lord has all the bases covered in my education and continuing ministry in Him. Amen.

Shall We Continue?

I may be back later on today to add to these thoughts… there are always more thoughts, dontchaknow.  Lord willing, we’ll see…


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