How do I love Thee? Let me count the blogs…

When the blogs are at rest for a while, so am I.

I don’t mean to imply that there is a time of unrest in me about blogging or my writing in general because there isn’t.  There’s only a time of expectancy or slight urgency when I’m late for a post.  Readers are loyal and I really appreciate that.  I’ve discovered that truth since blogging because, before November 2012, I’d never blogged publicly.  Never, although I’ve written nearly all my life.

No matter what you’re writing, it seems there’s always someone out there willing to read it, and that I find satisfying and downright kind.  I’m like that, too, though… so why wouldn’t everyone else be?  :0)

Seasons Change

I’m different people when I blog.  Did I want to say that?  Did I mean that? I don’t think so… not precisely.  I believe what I mean is that different sides of me (or qualities in me) emerge depending upon the blog I’m in, as though each one is a different seasonal home.  For example, when I’m in my summer home, I wear the fewest clothes.  I say the most personal things (in terms of testimony), and I bathe in the heat of God’s anointing to transparency in me like I would in the sunrays on my favorite beach.

When I’m packed in tightly for the winter, however, my focus is on comfort, restoration, thawing, and healing from all the sharp winter winds and shards of ice falling from the emotionally-dead trees God has removed and burned from my life.  Rigored branches SNAP mercilessly as their splintered fingers stab my hands like brown switchblades… and their cold, stark lessons I’ll never forget.

Then there’s the fall where I celebrate the life God brings from death in the season just passed.  To me, fall is a time of colorful rest before the turning and transitioning and hibernation of winter.  Summer’s gone, but valuable lessons have been learned in the process.

Wow, each one of those “seasons” is a place in me… a place where I meet the world in a blog with what the Lord has shown me and wants to show them through me.  I suppose this new blog is my springtime where “it is what it is, folks”, and I can blossom and bloom all over the place, saying and singing whatever I want, like the larks and blue jays that carry the morning songs into the day and let noon sunshine and pleasant breezes have their way with whoever’s on the scene.  I say what I want here, and I like it… very much.  It’s very much needed to celebrate the life God has put in me – just because.  To talk about the 3 blogs without really blogging… to just be me.  I love that.  Thank God.

Daddy’s Girl

I’d say Daddy’s Girl is the summer blog I was talking about, where I am the most transparent about what God has done for me.  (I’m not posting a link to it right here because the main menu’s got it for your reading pleasure).  The back story to that blog – straight from the writer’s mouth – is that when God said I was ready, I asked Him in my heart if I could please have a blog where I’d tell the world the whole TRUTH about the merciful and tender, loving kindness of His heart.  God has been so maligned.  He’s been made the “bad guy” at every turn, and He’s anything but that.  It reminds me of the enemy telling black people and Native Americans that Jesus is “the white man’s God”, hoping to rob them of their true destiny and place in Him.  I always thought that was SO cruel and insidious… so hateful.  But look at the source, Sharon… what did you think was going to come from the enemy? Truth and roses?  C’mon now,  sweetie…

Anyway, through Daddy’s Girl, God has allowed me to tell the world about His tender heart through personal testimony about what He’s done for me.  I promised Him I would do that with the writing eloquence He’s given me, and He granted my request so now, in it, I tell everyone what He’s graciously and tenderly done in my life.  He’s done a lot… I mean, really a lot.  Holy Spirit’s heat and power is in Daddy’s Girl posts; I feel it when I write them.  I’m so grateful to God for it.  I consider it my main blog where all the others fruit from, you know?  “Fruit from” is a good term – I think I just made it up, but it says what I want – so there you are.  :0)

To Be Continued…

I have more to say about the blogs than I thought, and I want to say so here at length, giving each blog a thorough running over in my heart’s desire for them and my emotional views of their existence.  This post is getting kind of long, though, so I think I’ll retire for now and (Lord willing) come back to this tomorrow where I can talk about the other blogs, their priceless effect on me, and living for Jesus – telling the world about what He’s taught me.

Writing is His generous expression, through my hands, of the love He feels for me.  I know it. It has to be… I feel so lovely when I write, and He is the focus all around.  All around me, all around this house, all around what I do and see and think and feel all day long in His Presence.  There’s nothing like spending time with Him.  Of course He expresses Himself in many other delightful and intensely personal ways during worship and intimate time with me… but that’s another marvelous matter.

Lord willing, more tomorrow.

;0)  Shamma


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