To Rejoice or Not To Rejoice

I’m a bit distracted.  Actually, there are many days like this in the lives of believers because the enemy wants to knock us down and steal our joy.

I’m having difficulties with a friend right now, and that’s been a bit of a snare to the total JOY I should be feeling with the launching of the new website, Glory Shield Ministries (which can be accessed from the main menu).

I just wanted to state the situation, not really go into it.  I know God’s got it covered inside of me, though.  Tell me, what would we ever do without Jesus, guys? (Well, let’s see… I, for one, would be dead and in Hell right now… no joke.)


Anyhow, I’ve just declared in the Name of Jesus that I will NOT relinquish my JOY over this day of days for my online activities in Christ.  THIS IS REALLY COOL, y’all!  Really – no fronting or faking – just honestly awesome, and I’m full of smiles for the Lord.  They might be more inward than outward right now, but inward is what counts the most.  So, about all of this wonderfulness – the distinct possibilities for world outreach and souls saved and having just plain old good times in Jesus – I choose to REJOICE! Amen!

What You See Is What You Get

Site hosting is a labor of love.  An all-consuming, painstaking, trial-and-error labor of love.  But I’m liking it. :0)

I’m probably the personification of “no frills”, folks – I mean it.  In my character, in my manner, and my tastes and appearance I am very low maintenance, ordinary, and content with what I have.  That’s the Lord’s doing, and I find living life this way TONS easier.

As my Pastor puts it, Sharon is not “bling”.  That is so true.  But I’m not boring, either.  I’m not poverty-minded or hum-drum or mean or evasive or even lax… [wow, that’s nice!]; I’m just straightforward, no-nonsense, simple, and in LOVE with the Truth like most teachers. That also is God’s doing; so the website looks like that.  If you visit, you won’t be bored with its content, you’ll be blessed… but there are no “bells and whistles” to it.  None.  Just me and my love for God.

Just JESUS and me –  I’m so glad!

Enjoy your day in Him.

=0]  Shamma


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