Lots of Thoughts Tonight

God is a loving Husband.  I think the truth that I can actually count on Him with all that I have to offer is outstanding.

I’ve been angry the past few days because I’ve felt “handled” and I don’t like to be “handled”… placated or humored.  Sometimes I get a lot of that and it makes me want to cry and scream.  Sometimes I cry into a pillow or just let the tears flow freely to God – He sees them anyway.  Sometimes I scream.  He sees that, too.  He doesn’t chide me for either one and that’s part of what makes Him absolutely magnificent in my understanding.

I do feel much better now, however, because I realize pride gets in the way and strangles me in false perceptions.  There’s truth to some of the stuff, though; but the point is, God will handle the end of it concerning that.  I am to be possessed of His character in all I profess and indulge.  That’s my part of it and I’m holding it up more loosely than I should. I should not (ever) hold God loosely, folks.  Friends I should hold loosely, though – as they should hold me.  Only God is certain.

Tonight there are a lot of thoughts and I’m trying to let God make sense of them.  As usual, He’s doing an amazing job – focusing me on Him and on His glory through me to reach men and women everywhere.  The blogs are so blessed.  The website is blessed.  The enemy is so angry, but I really don’t care.  I don’t want my indulgences to be concerning him, you know what I mean?  What a chump he is.

I’ve got a transcript and a half to do tonight, and I’ve placed my hand in Jesus’ Hand to govern and complete my focus.  That’s the only way I make it, folks.  It’s a good way… a solid way… a sure way.  Transcripts are a nice diversion since I type very fast (probably like most of us).  So, in Christ Jesus, onward I go – no longer feeling angry or sad… no longer feeling handled or placated, but trusting Him for the pleasant work ahead of me and the dawning of a new day by His power where I can write and write and write.  Oh, how I love writing!  All of my life, friends… all of my life.

THE BEST PART:  I have put my trust in the Lord Jesus long ago, and I will never (again) be the enemy’s fool.

God’s Mercy endures forever.  Amen.



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