On Writing

I have at least a pen or a pencil and a bit of paper in every room.  True writers are writing all the time and since God “loosed” me to this world (that has been largely a silent companion all my life compared to how prolifically it lives in me now) I’m one of those writers.

I wonder, do painters keep brushes, paint, and canvas in every room?  Just asking.  It certainly doesn’t make them any less passionate if they don’t.  In truth, they’re probably less “anal” than writers.  I can say that because I am one!Fat pencil and pad for POST

I’ve always had pencil (pen) and paper around me.  That’s how I’ve always been.  It makes me feel better to know that I can escape to my thoughts at a whim and record them permanently if I want.  It just does.  Always has.

Writing is a part of me and I just think better when I’m doing it.  I can write things that I can’t as easily speak.  Isn’t that ridiculous?  Actually, it isn’t – it’s a matter of comfort and safety zoning with me and writing seems to be more comforting and, truthfully, easier to hide than speech.  Though words can fail at times, I trust them anyway.  We’re friends.  Go figure.

Once words are “out there”, though, they’re out there – even if it’s only God Who hears.  And our words are powerful.  We can crumple up what we write, or burn it, or shred it into a million pieces, but after we write it we feel better, even though it’s gone.  (Now these kinds of thoughts are truly what a diary is for, folks!)

Written words are never gone, really (honestly), just tangibly; and that’s more than you can say for “spoken” words.  Words spoken – especially unkind words – leave a tangible mark on the emotions of the speaker and the hearer, don’t they?  The spoken word goes on forever – just ask God – and we are created in His Image and given His authority over creation in Christ, so…

Hey, if I were talking right now, my mouth would be dry but, because I’m writing, it isn’t!

Have a wonderful day…

=0]  Shamma


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