Our Loving God Has Hair on His Arms

God showed me once, that He has hair on His arms.

Now, I’m not saying that to be cheeky or disrespectful in any way, because it meant quite a lot to me.  He knew it would.  He showed me once in a vision that He has hair on His arms because He knew the effect it had on me would be one of personal, pleasurable, intimacy in terms of my being “safe” to interact with Him on those levels.  Levels of secrecy, privacy, and “personality” mean a lot to God… and they mean a lot to me.  He knew that.  God was saying in that vision to me (to my emotions) – it’s okay to “touch” me, to approach me with your circumstances, to be visible to Me in places you hide with others.   That’s what He was saying to me by showing my emotions that vision – and He knew it.  That vision said to me that I could touch Him and worship Him like God, but also as my true Father.  God knows that, to me, a true father is one who will hear the stupidest things I have to say to Him and not think they’re stupid at all.  God is The God Who Understands, folks, and that truth of Him means life’s breath to me, I’m serious.

The truth that my Heavenly Father NEVER gets tired of me only and always wanting to love on Him and hug Him and squeeze Him and cry on His breast eternally is the best news I could ever get.  I asked Him once, directly, if He ever got tired of the truth that all I want to do is squeeze Him, and draw on Him, and nurse at His breast in holiness and comfort in wisdom and learning about Him and all that there has to do with Him for as much as I’m able to hold, as long as I’m able to hold.  And He said…

Completely fine with Me, beloved.  That’s all I’ve ever wanted from any of My Children – that they get to KNOW Me in the beauty of holiness – that’s in the beauty there is in being “set apart” from the things of this world – in righteousness pursuing Me with every part of their heart, mind, will, and emotions.  I want to love on you and be loved on by you – always.  I Am your Hiding Place.

Friends, I wanted to melt in His arms forever after that.  And that’s what I do, to this day, to find Peace, Solace, and Safety, Comfort, Serenity, and JOY JOY JOY!  Abba I can tell anything… Abba I can cry on all day!  I can rush into His Arms and let Him drown me in His fragrances and melodies and sweet, tender caresses and have ALL THE REST OF THE WORLD GO AWAY!

You cannot do that or find that with anyone else in existence, I don’t care how much other things try to tug on you to delude you… THIS peace and fulfillment is ONLY FOUND WITH ABBA… The One Who MADE you!  The One Who KNOWS how you tick!  The One Whose gentle, loving, hands sewed carefully the threads of your very being together with tenderness and loving plans for you.  The One Who is excited whenever you go to bed that you might DREAM  of Him, and Who sits on the edge of His Throne waiting for you to wake that you might FELLOWSHIP with Him fulfilling the purpose and means for which you were born!

Hear me, friends!  Please!  THE LORD OUR GOD HAS HAIR ON HIS ARMS!  And that hair is there to demonstrate His awesome love and desire to concentrate on YOU with His whole heart, for your whole LIFE… and that’s always!

Totally Loving Him,

Shamma :0)


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