Ready to Begin

I’m posting late tonight because it’s taken a while for me to get my thoughts together to write from my emotions… from my feelings.  There are things I know I should do regarding posting to the other blogs God has given me for ministry to specific souls.  But this blog is the one for me which God uses to touch the hearts of anyone who comes by in just the places they need.  I love that, and so it’s a matter of what comes from my emotions that I put on the “page” and God works with that.  Does that make sense?

I have to be prepared to expose the realness of heart needed to write this blog revealing “me”… just me.  I feel it takesSunrise preparation to not be focused on a particular theme, you know what I mean?  To not have “ministry” in mind.  Just to be me and let me flow onto the page takes a certain frame of mind.  So do I pray?  Absolutely I do.  I only think I know me because I’ve hung around myself for 48 years.  God’s the One Who knows me, folks.  So I pray before getting started and that makes honest blogging possible, not just easier.  I find readers love honesty and vulnerability; that’s a relief.  My thoughts can ramble, too, without God to organize them… He plays a major part in organizing thoughts for ministry.  Huge.

I feel good in the face of the start of another week.  Lord willing, I’ll be doing some transcription work this week in addition to maintaining the ministry blogs and the Glory Shield Website.  I love doing this.  I love writing and giving thought to what the Lord wants to say through me.  I love spending time with Him in prayer and praise in one way or another each day.  I love dancing before Him and letting His heart be mine.  I love relating to Him as His daughter and letting Him relate to me.  I love typing.

Tonight I feel like I’m standing on the precipice of the coming week looking into it for streaks of day jutting off the sun’s circle, like spokes.  It’s a nice feeling, especially when the hope of spring sings through my heart and veins and eyes and voice.  God’s hope, dear friends, is a wonderful thing.

Everybody have a very nice evening.  Amen.

Shamma =0]


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