It’s Been a Good Day

This has been a very good day but I haven’t been terribly sure about what to write tonight.  I think that’s because I haven’t been terribly sure about what I’m feeling in terms of how to write it.  I know that I feel good.  Ever have that happen?  You know you feel good, you know the day has been good, you know that God is at work in your life but you don’t exactly know how to articulate it?

I guess I just did.Tulip Trio

The other day the Lord asked me not to emotionally shun a friend.  I had never heard it put that way.  You know, when you go into a troubled situation with a friend – remember the problems I was having a few weeks ago? – and you’re fixated on one aspect of a problem, you tend to (well, I tend to) attach judge, jury, and executioner determinations of the situation to your emotions.  The Lord asked me not to do that.  Today He enabled me to grab hold of what He’d asked of me, through repentance and forgiveness.  I repented and I forgave and the Lord lent perspective to what I was feeling. It was a good day.

Healthy Boundaries

Though boundaries are still necessary in one aspect of the friendship, they can co-exist with fond emotions and unconditional love, and that’s a good thing.  They don’t stop the love, they just keep the love safe.  The Lord has taught me that, through Him (if we’re willing to listen), we can have our cake and eat it, too, in relationships.  That’s nifty.  Am I articulating yet?  I think so!

Writing just from what’s on my heart and mind always loosens me up, makes me open for the ideas and intricacies of ministry the Lord desires to bring forth through me.  The ministry blogs I write are really growing me up in terms of everything good and perfect and unselfish.  The character transformation taking place through God’s loyalty to my readers is permanent to my psyche… isn’t that a good thing?  It’s good not to be selfish any more… at least my kind of selfish and spoiled.  Does God dote on me?  Yes He does!  Well, that’s different after all, because loving fathers always dote on their loving daughters.

I am learning things aboudiplomat myself and my ways through writing these blogs and yielding myself and my substance to the Lord that I never would have learned without them.  But I had to be ready for them, all the same… does that make sense?  I had to be ready… prepared to learn the lessons I am learning.  Yes, that’s what I mean; and God made me ready for each and every scene unfolding before me in purposes and plans of unfailing love and loyalty for the masses of people I serve in serving Him.  The tender lessons I am learning through God’s goodness will enable Him to promote me to heights of service born of His humility and persevering love; mirroring His character all the more.  The higher we go in God, the more we resemble Him:  the humbler we become; the freer we are, and the more yielded to His feet doing the walking in our lives.  His hands compose these blogs and the gentle words they say; He is the power behind each and every one of them.  He.

Well, I think I’m articulating now.  Like I said, it’s been a good day.

God bless, everyone.

=0]  Shamma


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