On Thoughts and Choices

You can’t just leave thoughts behind; they catch up with you one day and that’s all you’re thinking!

Ha!  That’s a funny sentence, isn’t it?  I wonder who said it… oh, yes – ME!  But seriously it’s actually thoughts that overtake me at such times, then desert me, leaving me empty as a school yard on the first day of summer vacation.  While they’re around in force and in full, thoughts are nice… they’re plentiful and fragrant and fresh.  But when emotions take over, thoughts go – ever notice that?

So what am I more comfortable with?  That occurrence begs the question, it seems.  I’m a woman, so am I supposed to be a brainiac chiefly, or a feeler?  Does gender even have anything to do with this?  Are men supposed to be chiefly thinkers and not feelers?  Are they deemed effeminate if they do feel first and think later – or maybe not at all?  I think gender classifications are ridiculous in such ways.  People feel and do and behave based on choice

I used to think that all men were scum, and there are plenty of women who still do.  I freely admit I was wrong. 

God caused me to know that right and wrong, up and down, strong and weak, kind and cruel – is all dependent upon individual choice, not gender.  A man is not a foreign species; neither is a woman.  I’ve had kindness and cruelty from both sexes during my life; I’m sure we all have.  So it is with thought processing… either of the heart and emotions or of the mind and will… it’s up to us to choose what governs.  Lately, my emotions have been doing the governing – taking the lead over my heart, mind, and body – leading all, conclusively, except my spirit, and for that I am glad.  It’s so easy to get caught up in emotions if you don’t know what you’re doing in any given area, isn’t it?  My goodness, emotions are bossy buggers!

Intellect is not too much better, it seems.  Circuitously analyzing things down to the stringiest bit of bone and cartilage is a pain in the bum, in my opinion.  Folks who do that need to find better ways to spend their time.  I can say that because I am a summa cum laude graduate of the First School of Intellectual Idiots… graciously, God saved me from myself in this a good many years ago (but not before I earned that diploma!).  God showed me better ways to spend my time, the greatest of which is simply praising Him day after day, and trying to live according to His desires and directives over my life.  That’s a full-time operative for which, again, I give Him praise.

Yeah, the best way to live is by the Spirit, my friends.  Live by the Spirit of God in you and you won’t be prejudiced against men or women or thoughts or emotions – but you’ll view them as Almighty God sees them… and then you’ll be grateful.

Wow, there I go thinking again!

Have a fantastic day, everybody…

=0]  Shamma


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