Writing to ease the pain

I’m actually having a bit of neck and shoulder pain and I’m not supposed to be writing tonight.

Tell that to a writer.

Eh, without dramatizing it… not writing is difficult sometimes.  I suppose the way it would be difficult for an artist to not draw or paint or sculpt.  Writing for a writer – well, for this writer – helps to sort certain feelings out.  The Lord tells me first and best just what I’m feeling, but a lot of times that comes to me as I’m WRITING what He’s explaining.  Hey, it’s just part of my commissioning in life to write, you know?  And other writers know exactly what I’m saying.

So, when it’s that way, you write through your pain if you can, because it helps you understand your pain.

Is anyone reading what I’m writing?  Yes, I know there are plenty of people here in WordPress land but, if there were no one, I would still write.  Writers also know what I mean by that.  When I was a kid and there were no computers to speak of and there certainly was no internet or smartphones or texting or any way of writing and expressing yourself publicly save traditional publishing houses and school book reports… I wrote.  I’d sit or lay on my bed with a pad and pencil to write; I’d get on the family typewriter (what dinosaurs now!) to write, I’d steal away with construction paper and crayons to write, and I’d write poetry on the back of paper plates.  No kidding.  Again, true writers know exactly what I mean.

[FRIENDLY NOTE: I realize you don’t have to be a writer in order to express yourself in a myriad of truly cool ways – I mean no offense or disrespect to those who don’t particularly care for writing but who can emote creatively and marvelously in many arenas.  I don’t mean to be or sound snobbish, certainly.  It’s just that writing is my world, and this is my place to express that… my place to “gush”… so I reach out to others I believe also live in that world.]

God put that marvelous, powerful, motivating “chip” in you to write what you see, understand, and feel; to write what you want to know and what you think you know and, especially, to bless His Name… all the time.

I think my shoulder’s feeling better.  I know that I am, too, because God is ever-merciful and, hey… I’m writing!

Please pray for my neck and shoulder, y’all – and everybody have an awesome evening.  God bless you.

Shamma 🙂


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