Just thinking… What’s a “Good” Post?

I just wrote a post for Daddy’s Girl that made me cry, and it made me wonder just now – what’s a really good post all about?

Since this is my “diary” blog, I’m just writing my thoughts about all of this without any official information involved.  I like that best about diary-land.

What made me cry about the post is how I feel about God’s merciful forgiveness of Peter the disciple – my favorite of the 12.  Feel free to click that link or go to the blog for a read… it’s on the menu above and I believe it will bless you.

But after I finished the post, I told my twin sister that its theme is truly what the Daddy’s Girl blog is all about, and I think that’s it.  I think I hit on it with that statement.  IMO, what makes a really good post is being able to emit truth in keeping with the entire blog’s aim.  In this case it’s “extolling the tender heart of God”, and the post is a definite bingo on that.

Freedom of Expression

Whenever I can effectively say what I mean (I wanted to use the word “truly” again but I use it sooo much!) and have readers literally “see” it and be blessed by it according to God’s definition, the post is good.  I admit that, by God’s power entirely, Daddy’s Girl hits the mark with most readers.  I love that blog.  I love all of them but Daddy’s Girl is most special to my heart because in it God allows me the freedom to emote (a.k.a. gush all over the place) about His goodness by testifying of my actual experiences in His Presence, hearing His voice, listening to Him, loving on Him, and being loved by Him.  I let you in to the secret place of my heart’s living room… which Abba has fully occupied and furnished.  And He gets the glory and credit for that because, were it left to me in some places, I would not reveal what He has shown me and told me because I’m a very private person, born and raised.

Just being real with you.

Sharing Truth

But God and His mercy enables me to share – JOYFULLY – the truths of what He’s done within me in transformation of my character (an ongoing process) and appetites to that of His Dear Son Jesus. Doing this continually makes continually good, solid, touching, sometimes life-changing posts.  Extolling the Godhead, the Three in One, is equally necessary to praising Abba alone and – when you really see it clearly – to love and extol One is to love and extol All, for They agree in one, according to scripture. (Some folks have a hard time with that.)

When Holy Spirit surges in my heart as the Father’s truths are being communicated through the powerful vehicle of blogging, I know I’ve written a “good” post.  Truly, I am just the scribe in them, but God graciously communicates His truths and wisdom through my emotional bent and the uniqueness of personality He’s given me.  That is generous above all things done to me in writing, as far as I’m concerned.  God allows me to make His truth my own in the ways I convey it to others touched by my particular way of writing.  Only a gracious, loving God would do that, y’all.

So being able to extol God and acquaint others with the depths of His true character is the complete goal of Daddy’s Girl.

Getting to do that makes each post good.

God bless your night.

Shamma :0D


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