Word of Knowledge… How About That?

Ministry last weekend was awesome, as always.  But what I want to talk about is how I felt about it personally.  It’s interesting and educational whenever we stand back and let the Lord show us what He can do through us, particularly.

One of the Pastors in our family had mentioned he truly believed God would manifest many encouragements over the weekend in the power gifting of Word of Knowledge, and he was right.  I’m so used to operating in the Seer gifting – not to imply by any means that it’s old hat – that when the “knowing” fostered only by Holy Spirit’s power hit me, I was slightly stunned.  I was wholly delighted as well.

It’s funny, y’all… I would stand in front of a precious life looking to hear from the Godhead through me, and my attentions would go to their foreheads.  As I looked at and, sometimes, just above their foreheads Holy Spirit spoke to me.  It reminded me of the numerous times I’ve heard of the Dove of His Spirit brooding on someone’s forehead while speaking.  Anyway, it had never happened to me this way… though I’ve operated in Word of Knowledge and several other power giftings over the years to smaller degrees, what God did through me last Saturday was unique in manner and orchestration.

I was confident; completely confident outside the Seer gifting (which is as natural as drinking water to me), and I liked that very much because I felt it was useful to those who themselves lack confidence in God’s familiarity with their problems.  To look someone in the eye and tell them exactly what’s been going on with them in a given circumstance – and these are people, the most of whom I’ve never seen before in my life – and have them collapse in emotional relief and tears right in front of you is a gift of caring and closeness no other operative in Christ’s Spirit can bring, IMO.

GOD KNOWS THESE PEOPLE.  He knows everyone, folks, and He wants to let people know that He truly cares about our worries, anxieties, and complaints – from smallest to greatest.  He’s into us entirely, but so many really think He’s not, and that’s sad.  It’s tragic.  It’s wrong.

I had a marvelous time ministering and Holy Spirit stood me up as long as it took for everyone to receive from His Bounty.  No one left unencouraged, un-ministered to, or empty-handed.  That’s our God!  That’s our fabulous, wondrous God and I am so truly grateful to have been used at such new intensities and depths by His power.

A whole new level (for me) of  Word of Knowledge… how about that?!

Have a great day, everyone.

Shamma  :O]


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