“He” Does the Work

The coolest thing in the world happened to me on Monday.

I was thinking about the latest post for Daddy’s Girl and what it would be; I’d been researching some things in my memory annals and going over what should be said and seeking God prayerfully about them, so I knew they were “good” topics.  But whether or not one of them was to be the next topic I didn’t know for certain… I thought I did, but now I know I didn’t.

I love coming to this blog site.  Even when I miss a day or two (or five), I always return to air my thoughts on any given day and appreciate the real freedom this type of blogging gives me.  I don’t have to use proper English or punctuation here (though I usually do just out of habit and training and a love for proper use of each); I don’t care as much about proper sentence structure or whether or not the post has a continuous “theme” I’m supposed to stick to for the edification of the readers.  This is a my time blog site, people; do you know what I mean?  Here I hang loose; here, I’m just “me”, and God appreciates that.

So here’s what He did for me:

Monday He asked me to sit down and begin writing in the “diary” blog for a while… and I jumped at the chance.  I wrote what I felt, I wrote what I wanted, how I wanted (not that I’m ever adverse to what and how God wants things written)… I wrote with abandon and love about His circumstances all around me and about my relationship with Him and how He alone understands me and is my “daddy” in the truest most earnest sense there is, and I loved it, friends; most assuredly I did.  He loved it, too.

In fact, when I was finished, He said, “now put this post on Daddy’s Girl.”

FOLKS, I WAS FLOORED!  Delighted, rest assured, but absolutely floored nonetheless!  I didn’t have to put on any frame of mind honoring the “positioning” as pastor He’s granted me… I didn’t have to be “pastor-minded” (oh, silly me!); I didn’t have to do any of that.  All I needed to be – TRULY be – was Daddy’s Girl, for real; for honest and for true, as Lynette would say, and He accepted it of me as a post for the main ministry blog.

See how screwed up my thinking had been??!!

WELL, NOT ANY MORE, thank You, Jesus!  As He’s said in the past, my lovelies… it never gets any more complicated than the simple gushing love of this little girl with her arms tightly latched around her Daddy’s neck.  Never.  Sharing the reality and truth of that simple place of relationship with Him is all the “ministry” anyone will ever need.

And when I’m simply Daddy’s Girl – truly Daddy’s Girl – just Sharon or Shamma… God says I’m at my best.  All my “positioning” HE watches over… HE maintains it, not me.  All I have to do is just “be”, and He’s eternally pleased with me.  That goes for all of us and our relationship with Him.  That’s why Jesus did not regard equality with God as something to be grasped, my friends; Abba maintained His positioning and authority; Abba did the work through Him so that Christ Jesus could become a nobody, like you and me.  He became “of no reputation”, the Bible says… “and being found in the fashion of man He humbled Himself and became obedient unto death; even to the death of the cross”, scripture continues.

If Christ did that as my eternal example – then I am to do it also.  I am not to make my calling my identity or something I have to “hold on to” – it isn’t.  My calling is simply my authority in Abba… the place from which His Spirit within me wields HIS Sword of power.  I am only and always “His Shamma”… His obedient one… His daughter… His grateful, loving, little girl… indeed, Daddy’s Girl.

What a wonderful lesson!  What a confident, compassionate, blessed reality and truth!  Like Christ, I need not speak “in” myself, “of” myself, or “for” myself… but THE FATHER WHO DWELLS IN ME, HE DOES THE WORK!

How easy… How Glorious.  Amen.

Be blessed, everybody.



2 thoughts on ““He” Does the Work

  1. His profound truth in this post (us just being His child) carries all the strength, authority and love needed for us to live this life more abundantly! Amen.

    1. Amen, so true Lynette. It makes things so much easier for me, also! Just “be”. Thanks for stopping by, honey.

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