A Question on Writing Christian Fiction

question mark - 3 BlogsI know God has been calling me into writing stories for quite some time.  He’s been preparing me and guiding in His usual, gentle way.  Here is what I think is all right with Holy Spirit (and the manner in which I will most likely pursue it), but I want to know from your thoughts what is generally preferred…

Chiefly, I write what I know; most writers excel at that.  However, when it comes to writing Christian Fiction, I have this question:

Should writers of Christian Fiction BASE their storylines on true-life accounts and testimony and use fictionalized elements strictly as glue to link the true-life elements together?  Or should they write entirely fictionalized storylines that are simply grounded in biblical truth and concepts?  (Does either approach disqualify the work as “Christian Fiction”?)

Your opinions are very much appreciated, friends.

God bless.



2 thoughts on “A Question on Writing Christian Fiction

  1. This is a tough question but I think “entirely fictionalized story lines” offers a certain level of freedom that can be fun and intriguing to a reader.

    1. THANKS, Theresa! That’s a fresh opinion I appreciate. (Btw, you’re doing exactly what I hoped everyone at “Deliverance” would do… you’re reading the blogs, writing your own blog, and commenting and encouraging [which is ministry in itself] wherever you can!) God bless you, dear one. Hope to “see” a lot more of you. Amen. :0)

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