Great Decision

Broken Chains - 3 BlogsI recently made a decision that’s made me feel relief as if I were shot out of a cannon.  I allowed the Lord to “loose” me from an attachment that had put a pall of stagnation and sluggishness into my immediate atmosphere.  Stepping out of that environment wasn’t an easy decision, but it was a clear one.  I’m glad I made it.

Anyway, God is good and I wanted to write about it.

So what’s been happening since then?  Well, things got better, immediately.  Isn’t that something, friends?  God is so merciful, so kind, and so thoughtful to guide us and guard us while we’re in trouble and then, when we remove ourselves from the dangerous or unpleasant situations, He sees to it that the brightness of the Son/sun shines on us again in immediate overflow of goodness and freedom of new circumstance and directives in our lives.  He’s the One Who gets us out of trouble, dontchaknow!

Things have been good, and God is merciful, and I feel free.  Truly.

No bridges burned, no hurt feelings, or anger, or malice… just FREE!!!

Ever feel that way?  SURE you have!  And I know it was JESUS Who brought you out! Yaaay!

God bless, everybody…

Shamma :0)


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