So, Happy Mother’s Day, Father God!

Pink into White 2God bless all the loving,  caring,  nurturing,  blessedness of mothers everywhere – today and every day.

Lying in my bed very early this morning (before dawn) I wished God happy Mother’s Day also.  I don’t know that all of us really think of Him that way; but He’s everything to us, friends – including a mother to the motherless.

My mom’s been in Heaven for nearly 21 years, as some of you may know, and it’s been God Who has been all that she was to me and more since her passing.  God has held my hand, God has comforted and supported me… God has been the one to tell me I am beautiful when I’ve thought that I was not.  God.

Not that fathers don’t do those things, but moms are always in place to bolster daughters in sensitive places of what they’re thinking and what they truly look like in ways fathers just can’t… in ways dads aren’t even supposed to.  In areas of just plain nurturing our mothers are very keenly aware.  My tender, thoughtful, loving Father has stepped right in and hugged me and held me and stroked me and comforted me in every area but, especially those that have needed a mother’s affirming touch since my mother died.

So, Happy Mother’s Day, Father!  You’re all that and everything else that I’ve needed – and You always will be.

To all the mothers on earth, I pray you always are made aware of the desperate need for your love among us.  You are… ALL OF YOU… absolutely priceless and irreplaceable!  God bless you.  I love you.



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