The Night Watches

Writing through the “night watches” really helps me think.  It is peaceful, it is quiet, and it just zooms by.  All I can hear are my fingers on the keys and my ceramic heater in the corner… and my mind humbly at work.

Writing through the night watches makes me feel closer to God at times.  I know it makes little sense because God is within me at all times, it’s just the way I sometimes feel.

You know, this may be the enemy’s world system, but this is our Father’s world.

“The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.”

My mother quoted that verse from Psalm 24 to me often.  I loved hearing scripture from her.  A seasoned heart in the Lord around you day by day is a constant comfort – a wonderful thing.  And now I quote scripture to my loved ones and – honestly – to any warm body within 20 feet!  And it’s still just as much of a comfort and a constant in my life.  Thank You, Jesus.

Lately my eyes are looking towards more storytelling in whatever way God grants… I’m more of a sprinter when it comes to creative writing (though I can blog your arm off!), so I believe short stories will be the way I go first, just to explore a bit.  Fiction or non-fiction?  Again, I’ll let the Lord lead there.  I just love writing.

But when I look up at the night watches as the moon makes its way across the sky, I remember all the things my mother taught me about the miracles of God.  I remember how each night He’s kept me and how, her last day on the earth, my mom and I sang about that very thing while holding hands with physicians all around us.  We sang:

“This is just another day the Lord has kept me.  This is just another day the Lord has kept me.  He has kept me on this journey with my mind stayed right on Him.  This is just another day the Lord has kept me.”

My  mother initiated the singing as the doctors stared at her, but I didn’t care.  I knew her faith in God. She knew she was ready to depart after a life and legacy “well done” before Jesus… so I sang right along with her and held her hand as the tears welled in my throat.  It was the last day I laid eyes on her living, human form.  Now she sings in Glory, and I’ve been to see her several times by God’s power.

Saints, we serve a mighty and a merciful God; One well worth waiting for and writing of… in the night watches.

Good morning, everybody.



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