Dreamy Inspirations

You know how awesome you feel when God just drops something into your lap?

Well, I’m feeling that way now.

“Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.” (Psalm 37:4)

It’s always a supernatural occurrence when we receive something from the Lord, folks.  If only because God is Spirit, and He works with us and speaks to us “spirit-to-spirit”, our communion with Him is always marked by His Realm.  I think that is splendid and special for us all.

As I’ve written of, it’s been on my heart to expand my creative field to short stories.  Now, I’ve written poems, short stories, essays, diaries, print media articles, columns, and ministry teachings (the Vision books I’ve written) at various intervals my entire life;  I’m no stranger to writing in many styles because I’ve loved it so dearly for the better part of my 48 years.  But now things are getting really serious, as I’ve come into the portion of true ministry (mostly online thus far) the Lord has had for me since the beginning.  He’s also told me that writing books is definitely part of His plan to reach others through me.  So, I’ve prayed further about it and sought Him for details and for themes and genres and whatever His heart would have me pursue.

Well, guess what?

I’ve been getting story plots and ideas in my dreams for the past several days, and a story plot of His making has come together for me!  God continues to feed it as He graciously bypasses my fleshly intellect and loads up my spirit man in dreams!  DREAMS HE THEN ENABLES ME TO REMEMBER IN DETAIL! That’s the supernaturally mercifully generous power of our totally cool God, everybody!

Needless to say, notebooks and pencils ride shotgun in my bed! For me, it’s easier to scribble (because I’ve done it all my life) than to focus on hitting the right buttons on a recorder in the middle of the night.  Eh, I guess it’s a writer’s thing maybe? Well, to each his own.  :0)

Anyway, how grrreat is our God???!

[I cover every word of this thrilling testimony with the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth Who came in the flesh, and I forbid the enemy or any of his minions any access to it whatsoever, in Christ’s Name!]

Saints, I am so glad I waited on the Lord in this… that’s Holy Spirit’s doing.  I urge you to do the same, and expect His miracles in blessing.  God is just the coolest Person ever, y’all!  To that I am a living witness!

I solicit your continued prayers for me as I embark and enjoy the clear road He has set before me.  Thank God for His mercy today and always!

Happy in Jesus and in love with writing of all kinds,



2 thoughts on “Dreamy Inspirations

    1. Amen; I’m very excited and delighted about it! Thank you, dear one! God’s blessings on you and yours as well, and THANKS for stopping by! =0)

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