Steal Away to Jesus, Paper, and Pen!

Ever steal away to write, just really quickly, to feel better?  I have.

I do the same with God.  At times I just go up to my bedroom and lay out before Him, even though company’s downstairs, just so I can feel better.  I keep praise and worship music playing somewhere in my apartment at all times to maintain an atmosphere of His peace and power.

God lets me steal away to write as well.  I love it when His expression is upon me and His power in mercy moves through me, sort of shoveling out all the excess garbage and sticky debris sometimes littered about my mind and emotions.  God is an excellent cleaner, folks, and He doesn’t mind it one bit!

I’m not saying He’s my Shield and “butler”… I’m not being disrespectful; I never would be.  But I am saying He’s the only way for me to get clean and He waits patiently for me to realize it.  Nothing else will do but Jesus and all He puts forth for me to use of His tender offerings when I want to be refreshed.  Worship and praise is always the first, best way… then comes the cathartic, written expression of my soul, which is most enjoyable by His power.

I load thoughts of oppression, depression, and sin onto the page as I would Monday’s dirty laundry into the washer… but the sweet and peaceful, powerful “washer” I’m talking about is God:

“… casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.”  (1 Peter 5:7)

He’s not kidding, beloved… He really does care.  He can handle it, and He’s waiting for me and all of you to simply steal away.

Have a terrific day, everybody.



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