Tell Me… Have You Ever…?

Have you ever thought what you will do when you, at last, stand before the Lord?

I mean it… what will you do?  What will you say?  I imagine Him calling my name for my time of audience before Him; I imagine His blue eyes tracking me to His Throne.  I imagine the marvelously gentle, yet powerful tone of His voice when He speaks words of love to me.

And what about the Father? Yahweh, El Elohim, El Shaddai – the Double-breasted One, One Who binds Himself with an oath? What will meeting Him, face-to-face, be like?  The scripture says it – so we have His promise… “and they shall see His face.” Have you ever sat and wondered about that?  About looking into the enormous, sensationally beautiful green eyes of the Father of all things good and perfect?

It’s a WONDERFUL THING to let your mind go on these courses, Saints… believe me, it does a body GOOD to imagine Him enveloping you in His arms, never to worry or cry or feel pain anymore.  Never to die… anymore.

And the brown, beautiful, all-wise, all-knowing eyes of Holy Spirit piercing you with His goodness and life and light and love… recounting all the things He’s done for you on earth through the ages and phases and patterns of your life.  Have you ever imagined this, friends?  The one Who came to earth on that Pentecost day to help us and keep us remembering everything Christ and the Father have told us over thousands of millenniums… He is in for the biggest, sloppiest, longest hug and kiss He’s ever had when the Godhead gets hold of me… when they call me up to Their Everlasting Throne.

Do you think – ever – along those lines?  Well, you know that day is coming, friends!!!  HALLELUJAH!

That is our Blessed Hope, isn’t it?  It’s WHY we get up every morning with JOY to face the day, and WHY we approach God’s Throne in prayer with no regrets, and WHY we call Him God and Father in the first place…  because WE KNOW WE HAVE A HEAVENLY HOME and a FATHER Who can’t wait to see us, to get His hands on us for all eternity with no blocks or hindrances, no spots, or wrinkles, or any such blemishes.  Because of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection… we know we have an eternal place to go!  And not merely a “place”, but an “eternal home“… in a land where we’ll never grow old…  WHO WOULDN’T WANT THAT?

Let’s hear it for dreams and visions, for imagination and reality, for God’s promise of eternal life within us, and for the everlasting TRUTH that, one day…

“We shall see His Face”…!  HALLELUJAH!



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