Seeking Feedback

No way I’m not going to write my innermost thoughts about what I’ve done here… well, actually, what I’ve begun.  Thank God for diaries.

You know, writing great blog posts by God’s power, and yielding to His Spirit’s inspiration to “build” short stories are two very different things.

I think we all know what it’s like to just take a deep breath and dive into what we believe the Lord wants to do in our lives.  I’ve had this endeavor pending for a few weeks now, but God has never stopped gently coaxing me regarding it because of the benefit it stands to be to readers, young and old.  He’s told me that a wealth of storytelling resides in me.  I believe that’s true because He cannot lie.  It’s time for me to acknowledge His season of creativity in my life, and I didn’t realize I’d be this tentative about beginning something I love so much.  Truly.

After all, a story about starting over with a determination to trust God plays out every day in Christian lives everywhere… it begins each time we rise from falling to sin, doesn’t it?  Well, with God’s gentle assistance, I’ve added my creative juices to the mix.

I’ve written a snippet I’d like you to read… Lord willing, there are lots more ideas for fleshing it out.  I’m really enjoying stretching my imagination and putting Christian values to work in characters I create through the inspiration of Christ’s heart.  Pumping God’s virtue into “another life” is sort of like participating in the creative process, IMO.  That’s groovy.

Friends, please check out the first snippet at and let me know if you’d be interested in reading more about the life of the lead character and how things turn out with her, etc.

God keeping me, this is just the beginning and I apologize for the brevity of the post.  I’m excited about its possibilities in Jesus.  Please feel free to (constructively) express your thoughts and make suggestions.

Thank you, everybody!



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