That’s Awesome… That’s GOD!

I’ve gotten enough feedback from my Word Press family, G+’ers, and friends to confirm this short story thing is on! Truthfully, it would have been on had I not gotten any feedback, but manifest encouragements never hurt… they do a body good and God faithfully sends them.

Just letting writing flow, connected with God, is the best way to do this, I think.  This post is going to be like many posts – a collection of thoughts on the matter at hand, as the night progresses and I think even more.  Night is my time for this kind of thing… always has been, you know?

So, How Are the Blogs?

And the ministry blogs… well, they’re exploding.  [I cover that testimony with the Blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth Who came in the flesh].  They’re doing what God told me they would do; they’re touching lives in multiplied thousands every day.  When it was prophesied over me, again and again, that I would someday go “to the nations” on His behalf, never did I dream it would be chiefly via the internet (though I suppose I should have dreamed it).  But it is… 

“Daddy’s Girl” is still the grand dame of biblical truths and extolling of Abba’s true heart.  That’s such a blessed and powerful blog, and I love it dearly.  Thus far, it enjoys the furthest reach.

“Beyond the Veil: Encounters in Vision” has kicked it into high gear of late… with out-of-the-way countries coming to know the supernatural workings of God through my testimonies of those intimate encounters.  I believe those countries are more open and accepting of the truth of His realm’s activities than we Americans… just my opinion, though.  Of late, the USA has become a bigger mission field than a lot of these Third Word entities, I’m sad to say.  But that’s another matter for discussion.  I’m grateful for what this blog is doing in the lives of its readers, especially since it’s a weekly blog and has less than 25 posts but more than 1,200 hits…  again, God is doing His work of faithfulness and redemption there.

As for “How Did I Get Into This Family?” – it’s delivering me all over again to continue writing this testimony blog and the things I’ve learned from the Lord over 48 years.  As I know we all can say, the Lord has brought me a mighty long way!  He’s acquainted me with the desires of His heart regarding the “Seer” gifting (discerning of spirits), and I now hold such a fountain of gratitude in my heart for Him never giving up on my kicking, screaming, fear early on regarding it.  Thank God for the truth of Psalm 103 – “He knows our frame; He remembers that we are dust.”  My gracious, how that has applied to me!

This entry’s kinda long right now so, God willing, I’ll pour my thoughts about the Glory Shield Ministries (Online) website onto another “page” of blogging next time.  God is Good.  God is Patient. God is Kind.  Amen.




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