My Birthday: I’m now 48… No turning back!

My true birthday is 23 Iyar; that’s by God’s calendar… the one the Jews still honor.

Our Jewish calendar birthday falls on different days in the Gregorian (man-instituted) calendar each year.  This year for me, 23 Iyar fell on May 3rd and I celebrated it heartily with my best friend and twin sister Lynette.  We bowled three games without bumpers (I’m serious) for the first time in years!  We had an enjoyable lunch at a nearby restaurant, and I got a brand new monitor for my computer – 23  inches – I feel like a queen!  (Yeah, I know… it doesn’t take much, does it?!)

The Gregorian calendar – the one most of us were raised following – marks my birthday today, May 25.  So, basically, now with both days here and nearly gone, I am 48 no matter how you slice it.  No more 47… no turning back.  That’s okay.

I observe and honor both dates, to tell you the truth.  God has graciously allowed the celebration of friends and family to mark May 25  each year of my life as my true birthday, because He knew we didn’t know any better all those years.  We do now.

Over the past three years, I’ve learned the awesome significance of His Hebrew calendar, and the great meaning He’s personally assigned to each of our birth dates.  For example, 23 Iyar was also the date God gave Moses water from the rock for the Israelites (the first time).  I find that very much a parallel to the “watering of the masses” He’s doing through the ministry blogs and my commissioning in Him, in general.

Am I Moses?  Of course not!  But I am a grateful child of the Most High God (like Moses) with a commissioning to set the captives free (like our Example, Jesus Christ) and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of Holy Spirit (like ALL of us).  I find that very encouraging.

Also, I’m just grateful to be alive, in good health, and saved by the Blood of Jesus the Christ which covers every ounce of my testimony.  We’re not living and breathing on our own – not ever.  This is another year the Lord has kept me.

“For, in Him, we live and move and have our being”, scripture says.  So I am deeply grateful that our Heavenly Father has commanded the Breath of Life be in “Shamma” for the length of days He has set by His Power… and I praise Him for the number of my sunrises and sunsets.

So, since there’s no turning back anyway, it’s cool – it’s safe – and I won’t burst into tears…


Lord willing, the best is yet to come!



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