Thoughts on God

There’s a beauty and benevolence in God allowing our words to rightly express our hearts and paint the pictures of our visions for others to behold.  Deep benevolence… when you consider that our God has everything of art and life and love and beauty in His hands, you realize just how magnanimous a Savior He really is.  He is beautiful and cannot deny or betray His own beauty, friends.  How about that?

The Lord allows my words’ expressions to piggy-back on the strength of His Spirit so that others can have my heart’s desires laid out for their perusal.  And He allows His excellence to travel my emotional bent to be expressed through my heart and to satisfy a fundamental urge in me to write write write write write write…  do you know what it means to be satisfied so?

He does the same for painters, for dancers, for artists of every kind.  He does the same for runners who run like the thoroughbred horses they see chopping miles of track hewn in JOY through sand of seashore and green meadows and dusty plains.  God gives us JOY in every circumstance and fills our desires and need for expression because He made us that way.  He has the same need to express Himself and bring milk and meat to our hungry souls.  God is so Good.

Do y’all understand what it is to sit and ponder God?

OF COURSE YOU DO… you’re writers.  Writers (and painters and pianists and drummers and all of His children at some point) understand, whether they’re pegged “talented” or not, because God has them there.  He’s the one Who pinpoints understanding and births the hunger within us… He made us that way, that we may understand His ways and His cravings for us kids.  He craves for us, you know.  He craves for us to know Him and indulge Him in the same circumstance of tenderness we crave to be enveloped.

CONSUME ME, O, GOD!  For You are Goodness and Tenderness, Fiery Passion, and LOVE forever… CONSUME ME with Your unfailing Love as my desire is for You to burn my flesh to the ground and RESURRECT ME HOLY, UNTO YOURSELF – FOREVER.  C o n s u m e   me… O, God!

Pondering the Lord brings life to my soul forever, and further helps me understand me.

Be merciful unto me, O, God… for to You does my soul cry out!  I dwell on Your Circumstance, and rightly LOVE Your plans; for who is like You?  Amen.


Your Shamma


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