Truth is, I’m SO Glad!

The website makes me SO happy!

Ever just smile and smile and beam and beam within your spirit for seemingly no reason at all?

Well, I’ll tell you what… it’s NEVER for “no reason” – Jesus is ALWAYS the reason!

The Glory Shield website got its first subscriber today – mainly this late because it’s taken me a while to get my plug-ins and widgets together – and I am just THRILLED to pieces about it!  It’s so important to get the word out and the work out and the message out the way God wants it… oh, He’s in charge of all that all right – but my “ducks in a row” is a matter of obedience, and I’ve really been focusing on that.  It has paid off waaaay before now, you understand, but seeing that first bright subscription was a manifest encouragement Abba knew that I needed!  God didn’t need it – I did.

God is good.

But I just love teaching and preaching and writing, writing, writing… I love changing the look of the site and adding things here and there as God directs.  I love HIM – period.  Truth is, I’m more than happy today, friends (happiness is transient) – I’m FULL OF JOY! And I want to write about it!  I feel like a kid in a candy store! I love serving God and others through the ministry blogs and the website and ALL that God has given me to proclaim His Name, His Fame, and His G O O D N E S S!   Hooraaay! My heart is glad and my soul is truly rejoicing in God my Savior…!  Amen.

I write when I’m Joyous, I write when I’m angry, I write when I’m sad, I write when I’m disheartened, I write when I’m warm and fuzzy, I just write, write, write, write and TODAY I’M FULL OF JOY AND HIS GRATITUDE FOR LIVING LIFE ETERNAL WITHIN ME!  I’m where I am most of the time, truth be told… I just don’t write enough about it, I guess.

Thoughts of Joy zig in and out – thoughts of Joy just zag around;

I’m rejoicing with a shout – full of Love where God abounds!

And may His awesome JOY remain… to infinity, and beyond! (I just love Buzz…)



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