The Folly of “Self”

Merciful Father, I love You.

You love me through all of my fears.  I hate  to admit that I have them, but I do.  However, I turn them all over to You, in Jesus’ Name, for only You can handle them… only You can cast them away when my heart gives You permission to enter my secret place.  Thank You for asking, Father – thank You for always asking… knocking…

… and waiting for me.

Holy Father, I adore You.

Without You, none of my life has answers.  You are my Answer, eternally; You are my Hiding Place, indeed, where I can cower and shake and tremble until You have restored me… strengthened me with Your love.  What would I do without You?  WHAT an absurdity!  WHAT an absolute impossibility, O, God!  How do people make it without You?  They don’t.

It’s as simple as that.

Save me from the folly of myself, O, Lord – that I will always turn to Your circumstance above my own… for my own holds darkness and death.  My own holds a carcass of criminal edicts and their deafening pronouncements over my life.

In YOUR HEART IS JOY, and Joy alone… LIFE will meet me there, too.

O, Righteous Father, I worship You.  I yield to Your power and way in me, and beg my fruit be of You – eternally.

Savior, I commend to Thee,

Let Thy work be done in me!

I heed Your commandment still,

Not my desire, but YOUR will.

Savior, I commend to Thee,

Let Thy work be done in me.

Amen, Father.


Your Shamma


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