Talk About God All Day!

By God’s grace, I’m beginning to see the tip of the iceberg He has for me in online ministry… I mean, beyond even all the fabulousness He’s already shown me.

I’d have probably made a decent psychiatrist, because I always want to know and express what’s really inside.  To me, you’re left in the dark unless you can know what a person’s thinking and feeling about things – guessing is dangerous.

Sometimes, though (well, most times) even I don’t know what I’m truly thinking and feeling without Holy Spirit’s insight.  God knows me far better than I.  For 48 years I’ve lived and breathed and heard myself, but I don’t know me like the Lord; that’s just truth.

With the poetry site and the short story site added, I hear God telling  me things about teachings now on YouTube and even other venues… we live in such critical times.  Did I say yes to all this?  Somewhere in eternity I must have, because there is a fire in me to communicate His word to the masses like never before.  It’s what I sincerely desire to do.  I don’t want to cook or clean or drive trucks or race cars to do business or mend fences… I want to write and teach for JESUS in every way that I can.

Cooking and cleaning and driving and mending are honorable tasks – I’m not knocking any of them – and God can use every venue to His glory.  But the fire He’s put in my belly for writing and teaching and speaking and singing and communicating His message is the one on which I’m focused.  My delight in it is endless… I’m starting to know what He means by rivers of living water springing from our bellies… has that ever happened to you?  I know I’m NOT alone – I can’t be!

I think what I may be a bit more alone in is my absolute naivety in some respects of the magnitude of assignment God has for me.  I think it’s great, and it is… I think it’s awesome, and it is… but I haven’t a clue as to its true scope and worth.  I may not actually grasp that until Heaven.  THAT IS EXCITING.

Some days I just want to roll on and on about His goodness and my awe of Him.  This is one of those days.  Holy Spirit never gets tired of hearing Abba praised; I believe it makes Him glad.  I know that’s what it makes me.

Have a fabulous day!



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