About God, Ministry, and “Business”

My best friend started a new job Monday, and today at lunchtime we were discussing how God is allowing her to get her footing so that Holy Spirit can begin exposing various people and situations in need of prayer.  God is so cool.  He specializes in teaching us our authority in Him… He’s pleased when we know and remember who we are in Christ.

Marvelous M.O.

I think it’s safe to say that my favorite pastime is watching how God operates; I mean it, He is gentle, precise, and kind to the max with everything concerning transitioning His children from one mindset to another, because He knows how terribly fragile (more like frail) we are.  If He delivered us of everything all at once, it would kill us; we couldn’t take it.  For the same reasons, He can’t reveal everything of the Godhead He wishes to reveal all at once to His kids.  We’d explode, folks… these days the flesh could never recover from such radical, prolonged exposure to God so Abba must do the work with our spirit-man, apart from the flesh.

One time after a very powerful vision encounter, all I could do was lay out on my living room floor.  I did so for the better part of two hours because my body felt like it was going to explode.  Holy Spirit urged me to slowly eat ice chips to rehydrate and, after a bit, I was able to settle back into my frame.  Please don’t get me wrong – I’d undertake such remarkable encounter with God again in a heartbeat; to my spirit-man it was absolute manna, and I ate every drop!  But, friends, the flesh craps out concerning things of the spirit, and I am by no means the only person who’s experienced that… what a let-down!  But, then again, what can I expect?  The flesh is fallible and weak at best… the flesh, per se, is headed to one place – the grave; it will not follow us into eternity (thank God).

I haven’t let my thoughts go concerning stuff like this in a while… it feels good to do it.  Let’s have another go at it, shall we?

Sweet Redemption: Business or Ministry?

So my best friend is consulting with Abba on His desires to clear the atmosphere at her new job.   God’s major target and concern whenever His kids enter (or re-enter) the workforce is always redemption of soulsnever money.  He can lay money at our feet at any time but, for ground to be sanctified and reclaimed from the enemy, it takes an obedient soul with HIS goals in mind above their own.  Lynette (my best friend) is such a woman.  She wants the will of God in her life above her own desires, and that makes her a key example to the body of Christ, IMO.  That takes courage, strength, and humility above all.

I do not believe we are called to be “business” men and women… businesses are driven by money.  Rather, we’re called to be ministers, and we’re not “driven” at all… we are lovingly guided by our God in all things.  He meets all of our “business” needs (i.e., food, clothing, shelter, transportation, etc.) by His own plan and power; of this I bear living witness.  So in whatever capacity the Lord specifies – pastors, teachers, helpers, encouragers, evangelists, chief cooks, or dishwashers – we are called first and foremost to minister the Lord’s will to the masses, in and out of the workplace.  We are called to sanctify ground wherever we go that God’s Spirit may then gain access to places and souls who would never otherwise welcome Him or even pass through “church” doors.  (Wherever the soles of our feet tread, literal and spiritual ground is sanctified.)

Who I am is a daughter of Christ, and what I do is minister in Christ’s name – so does Lynette.



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