Pad and Pencil are Never Outdated

God always answers my quandaries.

He sees me wondering, He hears my questions, and He longs to give me answers.  He wants me to ask Him for the answers, but His kind heart will send answers to me even if I don’t (it just takes longer).  He is the kindest person I know.

Not long ago, I asked Him to please link the acumen He’s given me in blogging to writing in general.  I’ve always loved to write, but visiting my talents in the arena of fiction draws on a different place within me.  As I sensed that, I became concerned about whether or not I’d be able to do the same justice to His benevolent Spirit in writing a short story as I have writing blogs and teachings.

The quandary remained for another few days after I made the request.

But then, the desire to continue my short story series (“With Good Intent”, accessible on the menu up top) came on me while a pad and pencil were near… so I began writing with them.  I was nowhere near my PC or laptop, only near the notebook and pencil, and I embraced them like old friends as storylines rolled through my head.  I was so relieved!  Out came the acumen in the form of  realistic plot progression like I’d been born telling stories, and I realized what a safe place I was in with those familiar tools.  They really were old friends.

I’m a different person when I write with my pad and pencil; I become a person who can communicate in “story” form.  I recall how much I loved it as a child; escaping to my room and flopping down on my bed with that stationery, knowing that I was going to feel better in just a few minutes because I was going to write.  It brings tears to my eyes to go back there… that’s when I fell in love with writing.  The safety of its environs opens up my emotions to the place of “relational” creativity.  Who knew?!

God knew.  He sent the answer to my quandary in the smooth and simple passage of time, waiting till I was “alone” with my notebook and pencil.  There’s nobody like Him, and He knows me better than I could ever hope to know myself.  That’s SUCH a heart-melting truth.  When will my tears of gratitude ever cease falling upon His bosom?  May they ever meet under my chin and drip into His vials of remembrance, bearing testimony to the rivers and floods of love bursting my heart for Him!

I love Him with all of my being.  I truly, truly do.

Dear writers, clutch a pad and pencil to your breast and thank God for His humble fire.  It’s all from His coffers, blended with His loving, generous heart on our behalf.  Writers, I ask you – other than our God – what is better than writing?  What?



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