On Jessica

The curtain’s about to go up on a whole new way of life for my God-daughter Jessica.  God keeping her (we already know He’s willing), she’ll enter college this fall.  Wow.  I helped raise her.  God brought her into my life when she was only four months old and barely self-aware.  She does not recall a time when I wasn’t in her life; that is very special to me.

A Pastor and good friend of mine once counseled Jessica with simple, loving words I won’t soon forget.  He squatted down in front of her (she was seated for personal ministry) and explained to her that she was coming into an age where, like Joshua, she must make decisions regarding what to do with her own “house”.  Remember what Joshua said to the Israelites back in the day about their own walks with God?

“… choose you this day who you will serve…  but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:15)

We all come to this place, and now it’s time for my sweet Jessica to review and examine her heart, and make a decision for herself.  She’s already saved and, I admit, that’s half the battle.  BUT… it takes more than salvation to live a Godly life daily.  Living a Godly life takes making Godly decisions – daily.  It takes submission and obedience to Christ’s directives – daily.  That’s a path she must deliberately, pointedly choose to take for “her and her house”.  Amen.

My prayers go with her, and I have been reassured by God that she’s not going anywhere in terms of ultimately turning her back on Him… at times, though, the lump in my throat still rises concerning her because I know how it is to be young and curious and desirous of your “own” life away from mommy and God-mom, finallyBut God is faithful.

What would I do if I couldn’t put my thoughts into words?  So much love would go unexpressed…

I love You, Jesus.  Thank You so much for taking care of my Jessica.  Amen.



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