Let God Gather Your Thoughts

How are you when you’re trying to gather your thoughts?  It takes me a while sometimes.

The goodness of God expressed in manifest encouragements always humbles me.  He grants me such success in my endeavors in His name, sometimes I think if I tell Him “thank You” one more time, He’ll barf.  Of course, that’s TOTALLY wrong.  That’s part of what makes Him so fantastic and me so fallible.  I’m so relieved He’s gracious.

How does it affect your emotions to know God is smiling at you every day?  God is not moody.  THAT is wonderful.

Every single time I come to Him, His heart is outstretched.  He doesn’t cough or gag or roll His eyes… He’s genuinely glad to see me.  How are you with someone who’s like that?  I mean, who’s pleasant all the time, even when you need correction?  That’s so unlike what we’re used to, isn’t it?  It is for me – except with God.  I’m beginning to get delightfully used to His constant love of me.  I’m letting it rub off on me in my attitude toward others; that’s a big part of God’s goal.

I’m kind of gathering my thoughts today as I go.  How are you with that?

The new Glory Shield Ministries website is up and running as of yesterday.  Gosh, that was a labor of love!  LOTS of work, LOTS of prayer, LOTS of diligent application, and LOTS AND LOTS OF FUN.  I love that sort of thing and, when you love what you’re doing, it’s not work… it’s play.

Am I now a website expert?  HECK NO!  But have I had the time of my life doing a work of excellence out of love for Jesus?


A new blog site continuing the testimony started in “How Did I Get Into This Family?” has also been launched.  (Everything’s accessible from the menu up top, friends.)  God has so much to say of His passion for humankind.  The greatest number of human voices could not fully express His ardor for His creation… He’s crazy about us.  Think of something or someone you’re nuts about, then multiply that fervor by about a billion… the result comes woefully short of even partly conveying the ardent flame of love and favor with which we each were created.

God is wonderful.

I find that, when I count on Him to gather my thoughts, it’s easier.



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