A Brighter Day

It’s funny, really… I looked at the old theme on this most-beloved diary blog just now and thought, “My goodness, Sharon – nothing’s THAT black!”

Ha! Ha! Ha!  And it’s true… nothing is.

In fairness, I will say that when I’d taken on the previous “Piano Black” theme I was in an introspective mood… a largely contemplative frame of mind that was very personal, very quiet, and very me.  The black and white qualities suit me on the inside, because everything is seen clearly by God and that’s what I desire to operate in my life – His clarity.

However, I am now in a time of life and mind-frame (is that a word?) of JOY – mainly JOY and hope and prosperity in terms of the word “prosperity” meaning (by God’s definition) to go through.  When we make it through things, situations, circumstances, challenges with our minds and eyes set on Jesus, we prosper.  That’s where I am right now, in a place of determination to keep my eyes on Jesus no matter what.  There’s JOY in that all by itself, and nothing of blackness or center-of-the-earth introspection need veil or cowl that reality in me.

I want to see Jesus clearly, and cheerfully, and in big, bold letters.  I want to see Him by HIS definitions and obey Him by HIS order and fashion and demeanor and strength.  I want to feed off of HIS JOY, continually, so that His creative processes in me always have somewhere to call home.  They’ve rested in me since the time of their birth in my character by His power, and now they take life from His breast and etch out their expressions through my soul… and I love it!

That’s His doing, you know…

And so my soul rejoices in God my Savior, and my diary blog theme has changed from introspective darkness to singing, declaring, and praising light.  The light of reborn determination to follow Jesus through every darkness deserves a voice of high notes to sing; an octave span of miraculous proportions, and a gift of a face set like flint upon His goodness.

Forever and ever, I want to touch HIS face in joy and shine HIS light with gladness.




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