Do You Know Who You Are?

Holy Spirit will always remind us of the vision God has given us.  I love Him for being faithful in doing that, for sometimes we need refreshing to the point of saving our lives – especially when life’s circuitry has clouded our hope to the point of despair.

God worked that miracle for me, recently.  He simply reminded me of who I am “in Him” – of the living and moving and being I have in Him, and of my inheritance as His child – let’s not forget that!  That, in itself, brings JOY because it’s truth.  Truth always brings relief, release, freedom, reconciliation with God, and JOY.  Even when alignment with truth involves pain, it brings reconciliation with God which fosters healing.

Only restored focus helps us realize that.

How patient is God, really?  I mean, Holy Spirit gets ignored probably more than anyone on earth; honestly, I contribute enough of that for my share and that of a few others… regretfully.  Believe it or not, though, I’m MUCH better and growing better still than I was.  But God is patient and loving and kind and doesn’t kick me to the curb or call me stupid when I’ve felt I can handle things better than He… or at least when my actions show it.

I’m much more quick on the draw to backtrack and say, wait a minute… what are you doing, Sharon?  Didn’t you hear what Holy Spirit said?  He never talks to me like that; He’s faaaar gentler with me than I ever am with myself.  He usually urges, “Just remember what I told you, beloved – it still works… its offerings are still good.”  Holy Spirit has such a tender way…

I’m feeling good; I’m looking to God for deliverance from my circumstances and for HOPE infusing and refilling my heart with confidence in who I am “in Him”.  Looking unto Jesus with that in mind always makes for a brighter day.  It’s truly awesome, trustworthy, empowering advice…

Remember who you are (in Jesus) and the RICH inheritance He’s given you!



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