Stirring My Belly with JOY

Tonight I’m feeling good… I feel the stirring of Holy Spirit watching over the plans Abba has for my future.  I can tell something’s going to happen soon because God has told me so.  I cover that truth with the Blood of Jesus, and look forward to it with Godly expectancy.  Here it comes.

My belly is stirring with JOY and excitement and the thrill that is born of challenge.  Ever feel that way?

Only God can teach us to embrace radical change with gladness instead of terror.  He brings our hearts to the point of knowing that, at every juncture, He is there with us.  That obliterates fear and paves laughter a fine path along the shining road of His truth.  His Truth shall be our shield and buckler, the scripture says – protecting us from all darts of the enemy and shoring us up for the assignments to come.

God’s safety gives us room to breathe.  I feel like there are yet SO MANY lessons to learn (and, of course, there are) and Jesus is pleased that I am willing to be taught.  I love being taught.  I even love crying when His shoulder is my comfort.  Strong, fragrant, lovely shoulder… Lord Jesus, I adore You!  Stroking my hair and kissing my brow… cooling all fever and easing all distress… LORD JESUS, I WORSHIP YOU!

Holy Spirit has given me my assignment, and my heart accepts His will over me with comfort and JOY.  My work is steady and prosperous – my hands have been put “to war”.  How I truly bless His Holy Name!

Good night, My Dear Lord…  Good night.



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