Writing’s Got Hold of Me

When you love to write, it follows you around. Notebooks stick to your fingers and leave their scent like fragrant glue. You can’t get enough of it, when you love to write.

Notebooks in your bathroom, notebooks in your car – pencils in your cupboard if you could. I’ve taken a shine to writing on the fronts and backs of paper plates; when the inspiration hits, you don’t want lack of proximity to normal products to keep you from living.

A love of writing is an accurate accounting of life. Writing is a gift from God, just like life… it records everything of  blood and pulse onto the empty page. To writers, pages are never empty; indeed, they’re always full and just waiting to be emptied onto other pages again and again.

I spill out on pages all the intentions of my heart which spill onto other pages, filling book after book. A thought’s incomplete unless I write. Am I sick or just in love? How can I think unless I write? God writes every day long. God writes lyrics to a song and verses to a poem and acts unique and typical and thoughts trivial and critical…

God writes all day long. So why shouldn’t I? I say… I truly say, why shouldn’t I love to write? Write on whatever I can. Why should I keep on speaking and not write down why I love to speak?

Love for the written word is a cure and a poison to me depending on whom I’m writing about and what I have to say. But I will never leave writing, because it is my greatest love of the things God gave me to do with all my heart with both my hands.

I use both my hands to write down what I like. That PROVES that I’m a writer… I have no other choice! Writing is sketched within both of my hands… its concentration puddles in my palms, oozing from my pores. The sweep and sway of pens is next to loveliness… such graceful dance romances God.  Dear Father, I love to write.

I wear writing around my neck so it is ever with me; as a precious amber jewel God’s given me to project my love for Him in facets of truth reflecting His assignments as I walk upon the earth.


When you love to write, it follows you around; you can’t get away from lead or ink expression when a computer isn’t found.  In summer, you’ll write about cool breezes that ultimately comfort you. At night, you’ll write about the love of God that lulls you to sleep; writing (well) and praising God is all you do… when you love to write, you don’t go to it – it comes to you.

Bless You, Lord, for putting Your salty words in me. The crest of their full waves has captured my imagining and led me away from fear’s harbor.  The sea of words awaits, and I rise on it forever – in Your care – lovingly.



One thought on “Writing’s Got Hold of Me

  1. Reblogged this on 3 Blogs and a Website and commented:

    I looked at how writing affected one particular person and I thought about how it also affects me, increasingly, like growing hunger. I wrote about it late at night and didn’t share it in the morning. I want to share it now – at a much better time. God bless!

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