All Day Without Talking

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photo credit: MyTudut via photopin cc

Could you go all day without talking?  I mean, except to God in your heart?  I could, and I have.  It’s an interesting thing to just not want to talk on some days, my friends.  Especially when it’s not that you’re brooding or fearful about something… you just don’t want to talk.  If no one’s especially around me, my house is quiet except for God (with praise and worship music always playing), I don’t generally need to utter out loud the things that are inside of me, for God well knows them all.  I’ve gone all day without talking, and my ears have stepped up and thanked me. [Hey, that ears can’t walk should be no issue at all, I’m trying to make a clear point.]  ;0) 

Then again…

I was just wondering if “silence is golden” holds out when writing’s involved.  I don’t have to constantly talk, but I do have to constantly write… at least I want to fairly often.  Writers and talkers – talkers and writers, whoa… are they the same thing?

My mind is racing a little bit but, really, who in the world am I kidding? Writing IS talking, and talking IS writing! If I go all day without talking, but don’t go that day without writing, I’ve actually “talked” all the while.  See? This is why I need a diary blog!

Ah, well…



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