Silent Screams

The Lord’s open hands receive my silent screams as He delivers me from the past.  God is all about delivering me… hot and heavy, lately. 

That’s one thing about choosing to be a nice person; you HAVE to remember to “offload” to the Lord about all the injustices done to you, all the misconceptions that bombard your psyche, the guilt you feel when you fall for one (or all) of them… or you’ll go crazy.

It’s always better to be kind – to be “nice” – as long as you know how to offload when the flesh tells you NO!  When the flesh screams at you that you’re being a fool and the world is taking advantage of you, you’ve GOT to be close to the Lord so you can receive and understand His truth… that you can’t be taken advantage of when you’re in His will – and it’s always better to be kind.

Don’t let the world get in front of you.  Don’t let the world get in front of me.  Don’t let ridiculous “excuse” and even more ludicrous “blame shifting” keep you from being nice. 

Be kind and kindly affectioned one to another… do you believe the Lord?  Do you believe that it’s really, truly worth it to be kind?  It is, you know… it just isn’t always easy.  But we keep going.  We keep going because we have to… it’s the decision we’ve made and it’s the transformation we’ve embraced; and so, we call the flesh A LIAR!  We say NO to its evil intents and interrogations, even when we sin, we say No!  We turn our backs on it and we embrace – or re-embrace – the Lord.  We cling to His TRUTH because we have to in order to live…

… and we give Him our silent screams.

I love You, Jesus.



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