Thank God

I need for relationships to be simple. That’s how it is between God and I. With no pretenses, no innuendos or suppositions, and no hesitance in honesty; that’s how I want relationships to be.

What? Am I crazy? Probably near about, I guess. A little expectant? A bit too hard or judgemental? Or just a dreamer? Which is it?

When God is your example, you become quickly spoiled… at least I do.

Now, do I give all that to Him at all times in our relationship? Oh, how I wish I did, but I don’t! You’d think I would by now, but I never stop being human or battling with the flesh… so I never give 100% of what I get from Him, yet He doesn’t hold it against me.

Therein is the example in persevering love He sets for you and me each day.

Oh, how I want relationships to be simple, to meet the kind of person that I am. But I complicate things for God and He loves me still. God is so perfect… perfect in every way and I adore Him for it. I would be lost without that example; a train wreck in sneakers without His love; an arrogant, angry, nobody without His forgiveness.

God’s love puts us all on the map… and I’m rambling again because tonight my soul is so filled with thoughts.

Thank God for my diary…


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