Feel Like a Poem?

Were I to describe the way I feel today, this poem the Lord gave to me years ago would come out.  It’s such a glorious experience to allow Holy Spirit to gently lift my chin in encouraging love so that my eyes meet Abba’s.  This is what I’ve needed, and this is what God gave my heart and soul to rejoice over; yes, it sums up the day…

ocean sunrise

“His Gold Will Ever Stay”

When God imparts His life
He redeems a man from strife
then spreads His seed in gold
to “dust” the new man’s soul.

Though saints do often weep,
such rich comfort floods the sweep
of God’s arms in tender sway,
they know gold will ever stay.

And through darkest trials will come
the transforming to His Son
if we understand and persevere
until the battling’s done.

God’s Seal, each faithful hour,
trumps to all this truth and power
through the “redeemed” voice of clay:

(Copyright © 2006 by Sharon Joy Gramling. All Rights Reserved.)
photo credit: VinothChandar via photopin cc

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