My heart and soul’s emoting has decorated this blog, sometimes as brightly as a Christmas tree… other times, with desperate cries for help and grace and mercy.  Yet, through it all, my Abba has listened to me – and so have all of you – with an eye to aid me as Christ’s strong arms of supplication and intercession reach high and wide to the Father for answers that swiftly cover me in greater knowledge, and in His Blood.


For the faithfulness of all those sharing and reading this blog as I write it from my soul and from my strength in need and in blessing, in abounding and in tears… I also thank you.

What a saving grace it is to have a Savior such as ours!  And what sweet communion and fellowship exists between Holy Spirit and His greatest love – the awesome Body of Christ!

For being my Protector, Defender, Teacher, Husband, God, Creator, King, and Everlasting Friend… my Dear Father, Sweet Jesus, and Blessed Holy Spirit – I THANK YOU!  Merry Christmas to you all, friends; and HAPPY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION, LORD JESUS!


Your SHAMMA  =0)


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