How I Really Feel About Men

Men are special packages of humanity.  They are hunted by the enemy so furiously because of the enormous authority God has given them, and because of the tremendous heart of tenderness most of them have.  That’s why society is so down on men who “feel” anything or show the emotions attached to those feelings… the hearts behind them are breathtakingly powerful and carry the authority of God in deepest ways.

There’s nothing more special to me than the heart of a father towards his daughter.  It breaks me up every time.  Big, strong, strapping, men humbled to bouncy little puppies at heart every time their daughters approach them or touch them or depend upon them.  I have to admit, there are millions of men like that.

There are millions (perhaps billions) of men who are not afraid to cry in front of their daughters or sons or mothers or fathers or anyone.  Millions (perhaps billions) who bow the knee to God only, but to Him completely – and are not ashamed.  That’s what I love about men… the heart of God that’s truly within them, whether they recognize it or not; and even when society tries to squelch their hearts they still find their escape… somehow.

My heart goes out to men under such pressure to “be men” – something women don’t quite understand.  My heart holds less and less resentment towards men, and it’s about time – and I’m glad.  Am I over all the issues completely concerning men?  C’mon, Sharon… keep being honest – you’re doing really well.  Am I over “men stuff”?  No, Lord, I’m not.  I’m not.

But God has given me something I wholly enjoy about just being a woman saved by His power… He’s given me a better, truer understanding and knowledge of men – and a tendering toward them I have never ever had.  I don’t know if men realize such things about women but, honestly, it doesn’t matter.  I needed to finally comprehend  (and share) how I really feel about men.




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