God is Always With Me

The constant Presence of God is not a phenomenon, it’s a reality.  Squinting awake this morning, walking to the bathroom and thinking about God, I’ve come to that truth.  He is always with me – period.

It’s not that His Presence isn’t a treasured gift – it is.  But God is the center of my life now… has been for quite a while, and certain truths about our relationship and its specialness have surged warmly over the back of my head and onto my body like shower water.  I like that.

God is always with me; like a towel hanging on either side to wipe my brow, or a comforting fire’s heat embracing my shoulders any time I draw near.  God is always with me.  It’s not isolated incidents, but daily living – moving through life, talking and pondering and breathing to Him earnestly. God is always with me.

Merciful God, I love You, but it’s so much more than that.  I look at life through You, I comprehend myself and my flaws through Your heart of wisdom and understanding, and I realize my eyes are not my own.  I traded them a long time ago for Yours, at Your behest, and I’m immeasurably grateful.  I see more and more through Your ways and accept Your clarity as my own… because You’re a Person of Whom I need never be afraid.  I didn’t always know that, but I do now.

You walk with me in the cool of the day, and You’ve planted a garden for me to tend.  I am Your delight, just as Adam was in Eden… but even more so, as was Christ – for Christ lives in me.  His Spirit, burning brightly and called along side for my help, simultaneously looses my spirit-man and fetters the flesh.  My spirit is fed heartily by Your Presence each day while the flesh is starved (as it should be) by the knowledge of Your abiding Presence and Your continual supply of my being so that I no longer need “the things of this world”.

God, I am on Your side permanently; there will never be a reason to leave or stop loving You, and I cover that truth with Your Blood.  You are always with me.




2 thoughts on “God is Always With Me

  1. I can truly relate to this. I’ve had a relationship with God 14 years now and I can’t imigine life without my heavenly father. The things he shows me the eyes cannot see.

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