That’s it…

Most people say hate is a strong word. In my opinion, it’s really a powerful one.  When someone looks at you with hatred, or says they hate you, it goes through your body and stains the wall behind you.  It’s powerful.

Love isn’t equally powerful – it’s all-powerful – more than surpassing hatred… dwarfing and disarming it; defeating it completely.  But so few people truly love – while choking, stifling amounts of people hate.

Hate’s not something to be played with.  It brings no true delight and that’s why I didn’t say it’s nothing to be “toyed” with, because toys bring delight – they bring joy.  There’s nothing of joy in hatred… only barrenness and sorrow.

It’s hard to swallow when hatred’s in your belly.  It’s hard to believe the truth or even talk about it… when you hate.  I’ve dealt with hatred myself, I’ve felt it myself, I’ve seen it brew within others.

It’s difficult not to sing when you love like God loves.  When you don’t care what a person’s said or done or will ever say or do that wreaks with mistakes or sin.  It just doesn’t matter because you love them, and that’s it.  I LOVE FEELING LOVE LIKE THAT.  It’s how God loves.  Our performance isn’t the point… our existence is.  He loves us because we exist.  He brought us into existence because He loves us… and He loves us because He IS Love.  I can barely keep from singing!  And who wants to keep from singing?!

Love is the “all-powerful” word.



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