Always Write

I write to change lives and because I can’t stay away from it.  I’ve always written since I’ve known how.  My mother taught me to write my name in cursive when I was just three years old.  I can still see our kitchen table, me sitting, her standing there holding my little hand with hers and guiding me through the lettering of my first name… how I loved it!

I’ve written more and more ever since.  There has never been a time in my life when I was not writing.  About one thing or another at one time or another, I was always writing.  Anyone with a passion for the work of their hands born of their heart knows exactly what I mean; it’s not confined only to writing.

I don’t want to be famous – I want to change lives.  I don’t want to be a millionaire – I want to draw others to God through the knowledge of the truth He’s birthed within me.  I want to write and express myself in writing better and better each day.  I want to teach and communicate God’s true heart to the masses, sharing what I’ve learned of it myself – for I can’t teach what I don’t know, and I can’t lead where I don’t go.

I want to continue knowing God for myself more and more every day, and I want to write about it.  Merciful God, please let me always always write.



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