Stronger Features

I think the website needs to feature the blogs more than it does.  I mean, the Glory Shield website’s backbone is the amazing blog ministry the Lord has given me; Holy Spirit breathes every word of the blogs into print, and Abba God needs to be glorified with more focus on the website.

The challenge is that I started Daddy’s Girl before Glory Shield came into being. Daddy’s Girl was the blog through which God began it all… I almost want to name the ministry “Daddy’s Girl Ministries” – but I know that’s not what really should be done.  I’m walking through life under my true Father’s shield – the shield of my identity as His daughter shelters me with life as His blood flows through me.  I’m walking “in” the shadow of my Father’s shield.  I’m ministering beneath my Father’s shield, in safety and confidence.  I know who I am more than ever now, because I’m carrying my Abba’s shield… His shield of Glory – of true, passionate, and powerful intimacy with Him.  That’s His Glory.  HALLELUJAH!

Something needs to be done and I solicit prayers of the body of Christ as I seek the Lord for a rebuild of the website to more thoroughly feature the powerful work of Abba’s hands through the blog ministry.  That’s mainly what I’ve been called to, know what I mean?  The teachings are in the blogs, the encouragements are in the blogs, the laughter and tears and revelatory truths are primarily in the blogs.  I need God’s savvy to bring honor and focus even more so to His work in me.  I’m a daughter of Jesus Christ and I love blogging!  It’s one of the most powerful arms of writing and teaching ministry for which I’ve been called and equipped. 

Prayers are appreciated.



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