Websites, Worship, and Anniversaries

I had a fabulous time with the Lord on Monday and realized it was the one-year anniversary of the Glory Shield Ministries website.  God made my heart so light and joyous as I wept and worshiped Him, I wrote down the freeing thoughts that crossed my mind about our times of intimacy…

While we give our hearts to God laying on our faces before Him, His Holy Spirit softly removes all the heartache from our consciousness… the weight of oppression disappears along with pressures, hangups, misunderstandings… all the things that drag our focus away from mighty Abba.

The entanglements and the Lord then “throw down” right before us, and the Lord kicks satan’s butt.  The enemy is but a fly on the table of this world before the Presence of Almighty God (I love that analogy!); God’s big finger flicks him all the way across the Sea of the Forgetfulness and makes him take a look.  The sea laughs and cries out to him, “all your tauntings are forsaken! And the sins that you provoked exist no more in God’s beloved!”

When we rise from time with Abba, there remains a clean space shining, and our hearts burst forth with the JOY of soaring far above each circumstance.

Hey, tell me… WHO is like our God?

Happy Anniversary, Glory Shield!



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