What Holy Spirit Says to Me

This is what Holy Spirit’s possession of my heart says to me:

Days add up, you know, and every step you take is spreading your love for Jesus.  Every day you worship Him out of true and sincere love of Him in your heart, He is drawing you closer. In Jesus’ Name, DON’T BE AFRAID to draw closer.  The fire is there… God’s coals… the fiery coals of the Heart of God… draw closer, O, child of the King… ever closer!

I’m the One Who drew you to Abba in the first place since Jesus made the way.  I’m the One furthering you in His Spirit every day and inviting you to the Throne Room of Glory where pain and trial do not exist.  Come closer, holy one… holy vessel unto God, come closer… come closer.

For you are welcome in the House of God, for it is the House of your Father!  Your one, true, and only Father welcomes you forever more!  Be patient, be humble, and bow yourself down before that which awaits you…

Serve Him every day, Sharon.  THANK HIM every day, Shamma!  WORSHIP HIM WITH YOUR WHOLE HEART, for there is no one like God the Most High… 




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