Commissioning and Remembering

I’ve come into yet another new season with the Lord’s commissioning on my life… that of a “voice” to the nations. So many of us are called to that – it’s an honor to be counted among them.

The world is groaning more and more each day as the consummation draws near.  Like never before we should look up, for our redemption draws nigh.  I mean, really and truly, Christ will be splitting the sky before we know it… “be you also ready”!

There’s such JOY to be had in serving Him!  I remember my mother talking to me about a young woman who’d decided to stand for the evil one and had embraced hypocrisy.  I thought Ma might say some negative things about her but, instead, she told me she pitied her.

I was surprised at that and, as always, I asked why?

She answered me right away… “Because she’ll never know the JOY of what she’s pretending.”  And then she added, “there’s JOY unspeakable in serving Him.”

Up to that point I thought I couldn’t possibly hunger more for God than I already did after being so gratefully rescued from my sinful state.  But when my mother’s mouth uttered those words with such earnest compassion and transparent pity for that girl… I felt convicted, and then blessed, and then all the MORE hungry to know the Lord the way she did.

When I asked her if I should pray that God would make my nephew (and I) just like some great Christian man or woman, she just said, “Ask Him to make you like JESUS.”

Dear God, I miss my mother.



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