Otters and Beavers and “Sometimes”

Asian Short-Clawed Otter
Otter photo credit: Taraji Blue via photopin cc

My best friend is an “otter” personality, primarily. I am a “beaver” personality, primarily.  Sometimes the two don’t mix (but only sometimes).

I believe God has us in each other’s lives for balance; isn’t that always His way?

She keeps me from becoming too serious too much of the time.  I keep her from flouting important situations in favor of frivolity.  We actually balance each other’s moods and personalities quite well most of the time.  But sometimes… well, you know… we all have “sometimes”, ain’t that right?

I need to get my head out of the sound-proof room of (often critical) over-analyzing and force-field concentration… I admit that.

She needs to dismantle the “Party All the Time” sign – or at least unplug it once in a while.

medium_83505064One thing I will say for otters… they’re probably the most adorable creatures on earth; no fooling.  They also have brilliant minds and tremendous dexterity.  Beavers (albeit butt-ugly) are invaluably innovative, accurate, and efficient.

Truth be told, we’re life-savers to each other in the plan of God Who is our strength.  Too much of anything – other  than God, of course – can kill you.  He’s granted us balance, He’s granted us sincere delight in each other and love for each other… even through the “sometimes” of our lives.


(Beaver photo credit: Tancread via photopin cc)


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